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Key Features:

Easy side entry, both doors now open for max ventilation

Factory-taped seams

Bathtub floor

Great headroom (and shoulder room)

Fits tall people

Big vestibule with great protection

Lightweight, with full protection from rain and bugs

Excellent ventilation to minimize condensation

Catenary cut for quick, taut setup

Highly adjustable pitch

Interior clothes line and flashlight loop

Reflective tie-outs for additional lines for high winds and to create more interior space

Ability to furl the vestibule for views when no rain expected

Tensioners with reflective line make it easy to get a taut setup

Reflective guy lines knotted so they can be handled with gloves

Zipper pulls have reflective lines added for easier handling

Large mesh internal pocket for personal items

Side-wall tie outs for storm proofing and extra interior space

Minimum of 6 stakes required for setup

Uses our segmented poles, or any trekking poles set to 125 cm, tip down. Available for purchase separately.



Tent body: Custom 10D Nylon Ripstop SIL/PU fabric waterproof to at least 1800mm

Tent floor: Custom 10D Nylon Ripstop SIL/PU fabric waterproof to at least 1800mm

Guylines: 1.8mm reflective nylon sheath, 1 mm dyneema core and

#3 TPU Vestibule Zipper: Waterproof

ITW lineloc 3 tensioners: All main tie outs

Average weight:

Shelter Weight: 503 g (includes factory-taped seams and lines attached)

Tent Stuff Sack: 9.7 g

Clothesline:5.8 g

Stake Stuff Sack: 4 g

Aluminum Stakes (8): 11 g each

Extra cord (2): 7 g each

Exterior Dimensions:

Peak height: 147 cm

Width at center: 122 cm

Width including vestibules: 175 cm

Vestibule space: 53 cm

Length: 254 cm

Dimensions (BATHTUB FLOOR)

Length: 214 cm

Head End Width: 84 cm

Foot End Width: 84 cm

Length of Ridgeline: 110 cm

Interior Height at Ridgeline: 115 cm

Sleeping Pad: Fits a 63,5 cm wide tapered sleeping pad comfortably


Length: 297 cm

Width: 263 cm

Dimensions (PACKAGED)

Length: 24,4 cm

Width: 12,7 cm


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